Command Help Aliases
t?achievements Lets you know your achievements. ach
t?alchemist You use the art of alchemy to create new items. alch
t?babel The Tower of Babel is a formidable fighting place gathering the strongest fighters in the world.
t?chest Allows you to buy (t?chest buy) or open (t?chest open) different chests (C/B/A/S). ch
t?daily Collect points and experience every 24 hours and sometimes a special lootbox. dai
t?encyclopedia With your pocket encyclopedia you can consult your weapons collection or your bestiary. encyclopedie,ency
t?equip Equips different items to increase your personal stats. setitem,seti
t?expedition Allows you to perform different expeditions that brings you different loots and craft some object. expe
t?fight Fight different monsters or Boss to get rewards. boss,bo
t?fish You can catch fish and sometimes special materials and sometimes a legendary weapon is present. fi
t?forge Allows you to act in different ways on these items.
t?hourly Collect points and experience every hours and sometimes a special lootbox. hr
t?pocket Allows you to consult the list of your various objects (Weapon, Shield, Ring, Boots). (t?help pocket for more information) inv
t?lootbox Opens your lootboxes. lb
t?profile Allows you to view your profile. p,pro
t?quest Daily and weekly quests, (t?quest claim to recover Quest points) Reset midnight UTC.
t?shop Allows you to buy different items. (Reset midnight UTC) sh
t?top Overall player ranking. (Level, Fish, Floor, Points, Ency)
t?tower Allows you to have information on your current floor, the enigma, the points and the boss. You can also use t?tower teleport to return to a floor you have already visited tow
t?train Lets improve are Shinsu quality or Body reinforcement or Metamorphose.
t?use Allows you to use different items if you have them.
t?vote You allow you to vote for the bot on and offer you rewards.
t?blacklist Allows to block a command in a channel (EX: t?bl daily / all) (t?bl list for get command list blocked). bl
t?help Display the list of commands. h,he
t?info Display the different stats of the bot.
t?language Allows you to choose your language between French and English. setl,lang
t?prefix Configured according to your choice the prefix connected to the server.
t?invite To join the support Discord or invite the bot serveur,serv