Welcome to White, an exciting online game where players can explore a virtual world filled with challenges and opportunities. To ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players, it is important to follow the rules listed below.

Game Rules

  1. Do not cheat in any way. Cheating includes the use of third-party software, exploiting glitches or bugs, or any other means that give you an unfair advantage over other players. This includes any form of hacking, modding, or exploiting game mechanics that have not been officially sanctioned by the game developers.
  2. Do not exploit any bugs or loopholes in the game. If you discover any issues or unintended features, report them to the game developers as soon as possible. Do not use them to gain an unfair advantage over other players.
  3. Do not sell in-game items or currency obtained through gameplay to other players or third-party websites. This includes real money transactions, as it undermines the game's economy and fairness for all players.
  4. Do not create or use multiple accounts (double accounts). Each player should only have one account. Creating or using multiple accounts can lead to unfair advantages and disrupt the game's balance and fairness.

Possible Punishments

  1. Temporary Ban: If a player is found to have violated any of the above rules, they may be temporarily banned from the game for a specified period of time as determined by the game developers. The length of the ban will depend on the severity of the violation and any prior history of rule-breaking.
  2. Permanent Ban: If a player repeatedly violates the above rules or commits a serious offense, such as hacking or fraud, they may be permanently banned from the game. This is a severe punishment and is reserved for the most egregious violations.
  3. Player Account Reset: In some cases, the game developers may reset a player's account and progress if they are found to have violated the rules, particularly if the violation had a significant impact on the game's economy or fairness. This is a way to restore balance to the game and ensure that no one player has an unfair advantage.

By playing White, you agree to abide by these rules and any other guidelines set forth by the game developers. Failure to follow these rules may result in a punishment as listed above.

Reporting Rule Violations

If you suspect that another player is violating the rules of White, please report it to the game developers as soon as possible. Providing evidence, such as screenshots or videos, can help expedite the investigation and ensure that the appropriate punishment is given.

Thank you for playing White and helping to make it a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.

Last modified 18 May 2023.